Downright Software LLC
"No engagement is successful until the client is successful"

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Professional Service

Downright Software is a team of dedicated, experienced professionals focused on providing results that enable our clients' success. Downright engineers have a bias toward action focused on client success.

We are best known for our web application performance testing capabilities. We have helped organizations like the College Board, Travelers Insurance, and the State of Oregon determine the performance characteristics of their web-based applications. But, we have also assisted companies like GE, HP and CyberCash define requirements using cross-functional JAD (Joint Application Design) workshops. And, we have provided project management and staffing assistance to projects at BlueCross BlueShield, Comtex, WebFirst and NewVoice.

Downright has developed a deep understanding and base of experience in using OSS (Open Source Software) in providing Linux based server virtualization, email administration and network/server/services monitoring.

Quality Products

We have developed and launched a web-based testing service called StressMy.com that provides performance testing services to organizations that want to perform their own testing without a deep investment in software, infrastructure or training. Several of the components used by StressMy.com have been released under an open source license. We have also developed, and released under an open source license, a unique performance testing suite called Addanc which focuses on arrival-rate testing rather than concurrent client counts.